Improving How You Search for Coverage

BenXchange focuses to bring you the best experience when searching for insurance products. Below are other companies in our portfolio that make clients’ search for specialty insurance simple.

EasyPEO was developed to help you find the right Professional Employer Organization for your company. Helping you save time and money without sacrificing quality for your employees.

D&O Insurance is a critical coverage for Board of Directors and key management personnel within a company. They make is the process of shopping for D&O Insurance as easy as a 10-minute phone call.

MicroCap Companies that are listed on exchanges now have a resource to turn to for D&O Insurance. We have a coverage that is developed specifically for companies situation. With a few simple clicks and a short phone call, you can protect the key members. is for the furry family members, you can find the perfect pet insurance plan for your pet. To find the best pet plan for your pet in just a few seconds, just follow the questions and you can have a policy in minutes.

If you are traveling for a Family or Business Trip International Insurance Plans has you covered. A quick trip or traveling for a year or two with just a few clicks you can pick a travel insurance plan that works for you. You can have a policy bought in minutes.