The BenXchange Story

There was a perfect storm brewing in the business world, because of this storm approaching BenXchange was created. The Affordable Care Act was about to be signed into law and technology was booming. Gone are the days where a client would not compare an on-line insurance quote with at least two other companies.

When we visited our prospects and clients, we noticed they always had research from the internet on their desk. We observed they were able to compare companies now much more rapidly and with more data than ever before. We saw the writing on the wall.

We knew the health insurance brokers were going to get crushed on commissions with the new Affordable Care Act, and client loyalty was no longer the way. We knew the market would soon be in chaos and needed our help. So like any entrepreneur, we wanted to fill the void being created by the new rules, and endlessly available information.

How was the marketplace going to choose their benefits now without a biased opinion? We noticed that there were many our storyprospects that needed help and demanded results. We knew understanding benefits, payroll, and human resources was about to become even more difficult and expensive.

BenXchange was formed to help the business community navigate the tumultuous terrain that was on the horizon and headed our way. What were the new rules, who should we trust, how can we be sure of their integrity, and who was competent in each of the respective areas?

We were four personalities sharing a common goal. Each of us had experience from different industries and were completely satisfied doing what we were doing, Life Insurance, health insurance, disability income insurance, risk management, employee benefits and retirement. Two of the partners were making a name for themselves at MassMutual Financial Group, and the third was building his clients’ wealth at Merrill Lynch and our fourth partner was setting things on fire at John Hancock as the number one region in the country for retirement services. We are licensed and in compliance with all the rules and regulations.

We continued to evolve in the marketplace, but instead of just bringing one product to our client as an individual, from one specific company, we decided to join forces and bring a multitude of services along with our expertise in the respective areas. We also represent a myriad of diverse companies which would best serve our clients and potential clients. Our goal was to match the appropriate risk with the corresponding company. This not only delivers the best product but also achieves cost-effective pricing. It is a winning formula.

Our mission is to develop new and better way to search for Insurance and Financial solutions. This not only delivers the best product but also achieves a cost-effective price.

Our philosophy at BenXchange is always to put our clients’ interest at the forefront of everything we do. We believe by doing this, we build a trust and relationship which will foster not only customer satisfaction but more importantly customer loyalty. Our goal is to be our clients’ trusted advisors. To be the place where they can turn for an unbiased opinion.